Saturday, October 9, 2010

WE ARE THE WORLD: A Virtual Assistants tool in organizing and managing projects

A virtual assistant may be assigned to coordinate with everyone in the team, make sure that everyone's on track and aligned on a certain project.  How do you do this if your team members are on different locations half way across the globe, wake up to different time zones, and juggle a multitude of projects?  

A virtual assistant can do it with ones fingertips.  Yup, all you need is a software that could organize, manage, collaborate, and share.  All you need is BASECAMP.Aileen_cortez_how to Use Basecamp

EVERYTHING COUNTS: A Virtual Assistant's tool in analyzing website traffic

For those who work 9 to 5 in an office and commutes or drives to the workplace and back home, traffic is such a dreaded word.  It is like saying 'Voldemort' in your face.

But for the virtual assistant who works at home, particularly those that work with internet based businesses, traffic is like music to their ears.  

One of the most helpful tools that could help virtual assistants and their clients get a snapshot and at the same time, microscopic view of their website's performance is through Google Analytics.

Here's how:
Aileen_cortez_how to Use Google Analytics

Friday, October 8, 2010

SURVEY SAYS! - A Virtual Assistant's tool in creating super surveys

A virtual assistant's role is to make things easier for the client.  One of these may revolve around getting feedback from a particular market segment or group.  Gone are the days when one has to go around with survey forms and pens and inconvenience someone with this oft avoided questions:  "May I take 5 minutes of your time?..." Surveys can now be done online, at one's convenient time and place .  They can now be integrated into blog sites, web sites and social media sites, etc.  where people more often than not, openly interact with each other.  Here's a tool that would show your client that you're not monkeying around.

Aileen_cortez_how to Use Survey Monkey

Thursday, October 7, 2010

FROM A DISTANCE: A Virtual Assistant's tool for sharing what's on your screen

Sometimes, a virtual assistant's client needs a visual walk-through on how processes are done, be it a report or a graphic design, or reading directions from a map or uploading a video on youTube.  No amount of words in an could be able to spell it out crystal clear  and fast if your client wants it n-o-w.  A virtual assistant should  be able to find a way on how to show what exactly's happening on the screen monitor, what buttons are you pressing, etc...

The 'print screen' button on one's keyboard is kinda old school for this already.  Here's a software that gives it to in your face!
Aileen_cortez_how to Use Jing

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SAY YOU, SAY ME: A Virtual Assistant's tool for communication

Communication is an intergral part of a VA's routine.  Technology has enabled realtime communication among people from opposite sides of the globe.  One of the tools or software used in realtime communication is IM or instant messaging.  Widely used and popular here in the Philippines is Yahoo Messenger or YM.  Here's an easy to follow guide on how to use Yahoo Messenger.

Aileen_cortez_how to Use Yahoo Messenger