Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Journey Begins

I have this song buzzing in my head right now: (to the tune of "Material World" by Madonna) "'Coz we are living in a 'virtual' world and I am a 'virtual..."  And so the song goes, with me just changing the lyrics.  Now I admit, I grew up in the 80s and I finished all my school term papers using a typewriter. 'Say whut?!?! That's what my 10- year old son would probably ask.  So in the name of generation gaps, here's a short video clip that would somehow illustrate the transition from 'material world' to 'virtual world'.

Technology has brought about a lot of changes on the way we do things, that's why we need to adapt so as not to be the laughing stock at YouTube!  So what does this video have to do with this blog?  I intend to document my journey into the virtual workplace.  Say whhhuuut again?  Let me illustrate it this way... My present career as of late is a 9 to 5 job.  I get up in the morning, I travel to the office, work on a desk and computer with occasional event and out-of-office meetings in-between, report to a boss, eat lunch at a cafeteria, log-out of the office or sometimes go on overtimes, travel to get home, eat a hurried dinner, make the most out of the short time I have for my kids, get ready for bed, sleep an average of 5 to 6 hours...then repeat the cycle.  Let this 'career cycle' represent  the typewritter on the YouTube video.  So day in and day out, I pound on the keys of the 'typewriter'.  Until one day, I decided it's time to make a move by trying out a computer.  Let the computer represent a new phase in my life that I intend to pursue:  BECOMING A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT / VIRTUAL ENTREPRENEUR / VIRTUAL SOLO-PRENEUR...I think I'm more comfortable with the monicker VIRTUAL MOMPRENEUR.  I'm a mom with 2 kids and a big part of me wants more time spent with my family, yet still pursue a career.  I'm still equipping myself with the necessary skills on how to make a big leap into the virtual career set-up.  A Mac computer would be good to start with :-)  I don't want to be like the woman on the video who whacked the monitor with all her might, instead just pressing enter with her fingertip.  

I know this won't be easy, but I'm optimistic and positive about what lies ahead.  To borrow and paraphrase a quote I heard awhile ago from Jim Paredes (ex-Apo Hiking Society member):  "Jump, as if there is a net.  But if there's none, who knows, you might have wings."  

I know one day, I should make that choice to jump, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to also wear kneepads.  :-)  May the force be with me.

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