Sunday, January 2, 2011

My VA Story So Far...

It's been awhile since I updated this blog as so much has happened -- doors of opportunity opened up for me.  A few days before the end of 2010, I submitted a short 'story' to my VA and Online Marketing mentor, Jomar Hilario, on how my life has unfolded and revealed to me possbilities, potentials, and realizations of what it's like to be a Virtual Assistant.  I gave myself the monicker 'Virtual Mompreneur'.  So what is it really like to be a Virtual Assistant, or someone who has virtual clients and works from home (or any other location of one's choice)?  Just a sample snapshot:  as I am writing and typing this blog post, I am interrupted by my 5 year old daughter asking me to help her open a chocolate bar.
Ah..the simple joys of being with family!

I am grateful to Jomar Hilario, VA and online marketing expert and my mentor, because he gave me a chance to share my story to his newsletter subscribers.  Here's a screen shot of this feature; but for the benefit of those who want to read it clearly and access the very helpful links, I've copy-pasted the letter below as well.

Here's a New Year's True story to inspire you!

I attended Jomar's Virtual Assistant worshop last September 18, 2010.  It opened my eyes to a new world I've never seen before and never thought of as possible:  WORKING FROM HOME. 
Yes, this is what a stressed-out corporate 9 to 5 working mom like me needs. It's an answered prayer, a gift of getting the best of both worlds:  to earn income + have more time for my family. 
It doesn't stop at the worshop. 
It starts by getting things done. 
I did the "assignment", created a blogsite about it (http://www.virtualmompreneur.blogspot.comand worked on My Profile/Portfolio.
From there, I started 'marketing' my skills and competencies to potential clients.  And lo and behold! Last November, I was contracted by 2 US-based clients and they're paying me in US dollar$ ! All these for doing online work part-time, around 1 to 2 hours a day.  I still have my day job, you know, but I'm able to manage well and earn good extra income.  What more if I do it full-time!?! 
Well, that's what I plan to get on eventually, in the very near future.  I always keep tabs of Jomar's online lessons, especially that of the Facebook marketing lessons.  I applied lesson # 2 for one of my client's Facebook pages which I created, and guess what?! My client was so impressed that he gave me a bonus this month - that's extra $$ again!  Here are the links to the Facebook fan pages I created:
I want to keep on learning, because I want to go on earning!  I just availed of Jomar's Online Marketing Worshop (now at 50% off until Wednesday, Jan 5 2011).  I want to learn how to unlock the potential of earning passive income and other online marketing tools that could enhance my skills.
Keep your dreams alive, and chase!  Cheers to a prosperous 2011!

Aileen Cortez. Paranaque

Now live a marvelous life!
Jomar Hilario

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==================================here's to following and chasing dreams! cheers!


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