Friday, November 5, 2010

I Test, therefore I Am...

One of the initial steps that a would-be / aspiring virtual assistant should take is to build a portfolio or a resume of one's experiences, education/training, work samples...all these elements should give one's prospective client a clear picture of one's qualifications.

One of the more effective ways of presenting a virtual assistant's skills and aptitude is by taking online tests that measure one's knowledge and skill that match with a particular job requirement.

I am currently building my portfolio at oDesk, a virtual assistant's hub to find online jobs.  I am taking as many skill-focused tests as I can so as proof to a prospective employer that my listed knowledge and skills are backed-up by diagnostic test scores.

 I am thrilled, proud, and owe myself a pat on the back with this recent test score that I got:

Doesn't that make you feel like you're on top of the food chain? Well, it could be a jungle out there...

My destination is to be a work and earn from home mom.  Being a virtual assistant or a virtual entrepreneur is my road.  I've got pave it smoothly with my portfolio.  You just gotta start somewhere. Start it here, start it now.

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